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Large-scale coaching and leadership development programs are challenging to manage, with coaches, participants, assignments, assessments, goals, and ongoing communication touch-points.

Optify's Leadership Coaching Management System is here to help.

Optify's Leadership Coaching Management System (LCMS)

Our technology enables coaches and clients to collaborate online in a structured, efficient, and accountable way. Program management is streamlined and individual progress and survey results are provided in aggregate to program sponsors.

All of our coaching programs are delivered through our LCMS. Yours can be too. Contact us if you're interested in licensing our powerful technology to scale your leadership development programs.

How it works

• Customizable program set up

• Unique coach and client views

• Curated Resource Library of 150+ learning tools

• Ability to incorporate your own assessments

• Transparent client progress and measurement surveys

Clients select the coach that best fits their needs and style

Clients complete program-specific assessments or gather feedback about current and desired capabilities

Clients work with coaches to create focused development goals that will accelerate their success

1:1 coaching is supported by learning resources and messaging between meetings

Coach and client assess progress toward goals, celebrate success, and determine next steps

LCMS Resource Library

The Optify team is constantly adding new resources and tools to our LCMS to stay up to date with our client's needs. With our LCMS, you can enjoy unlimited access to content and assessments related to...

• Women in leadership

• Diversity and inclusion

• Change management

• Emerging leaders

and much more...

Licensing Our Technology

Are you a solo coach or coaching provider looking for a way to track your coaching engagements and become more valuable to your clients? Reach out to Optify for more information on how you can license our LCMS for your business.

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