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Organizational success requires all levels of leaders to develop the mindsets and skillsets that drive strategic vision.

Leadership in every seat

Cultivating mid-level leaders retains top talent, inspires innovation, and builds your organization's capacity.

"Optify's coaching has made a big impact on me and my group. I feel less stress and am more comfortable passing on assignments and tasks to the team. I feel I have made the switch from a doer to a manager."

Coaching Accelerates Growth

Optify helps leaders make changes that stick. Our method:

1. Builds Self Awareness
2. Increases Knowledge & Understanding
3. Emphasizes Practice & Experimentation
4. Encourages Reflection & Accountability

Self Awareness

The leadership journey begins with self-awareness. Our coaches administer self-assessments, gather 360 feedback, and offer keen observations to help clients identify their strengths and growth areas.

"With Optify's coaching, I have become more aware of my communication and how it impacts others."

Knowledge & Understanding

Coaches use our resource library of more than 150 videos, podcasts, readings, and exercises to help clients build skills and deepen their understanding of the behaviors that deliver results.

"Thanks to my Optify coach, I’m a stronger more engaged member of my team and the organization – more productive – more passionate and looking to the future for both myself and the organization."

Practice & Experimentation

Professional growth requires leaders to get out of their comfort zone. This takes practice. Our coaches support clients as they work through day-to-day challenges and design practices that they can apply in the flow of work.

"I knew that I needed a coach who would really challenge me and has a strong knowledge of resources to help me continue forward after coaching. I found that my in Optify coach. She calls me out on squishy answers, focuses each of our discussions in short order, and establishes trust and confidence in her attention to detail, preparation and professionalism."

Reflection & Accountability

Throughout the coaching engagement, clients reflect on what's working and what's not. Coaches provide accountability to keep leaders moving forward.

"With Optify's help, we developed a growing sense of mission and the importance of communication and active-focus on team, company, and individual improvement."