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Dive into the 5 themes of leadership with our founding partner, Pam Krulitz, and her article series, Leadership is a Thing.

Leadership is a Thing

I began leadership coaching sixteen years ago and one of the things I’ve most appreciated about that longevity is the chance to see how clients I worked with years ago have continued to evolve and grow in their careers and as leaders. I recently caught up with a client with whom I conducted a Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 about a decade ago. At the time, he was a partner in a small IT consulting company. The company has since grown to about 400 people and he’s now the Chief Technology more

The Art of Self Leadership

In the world of leadership development, we often talk about “leading yourself” before you can lead a team or an organization. But, what does it really mean to lead yourself? Steven Covey enumerated it well in his renowned Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Fundamentally, leading yourself is about developing the habits of thoughts and action that enable you to contribute, add value, and create results that matter, regardless of your role.... read more