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One of our founding partners, Kris Carpenter, is an expert in grief training and combines her knowledge with her passion for leadership development. Take a deep dive into her experience and research with leadership and grief.

Leading through Grief: Meeting the Challenges Ahead

On October 13 at 3:25pm I received a frantic phone call from a family member stating that my nephew had taken his life. The only words I remember are “Jonathan has taken his life and you need to get to Bill.” Bill is my brother-in-law, and my nephew’s father. I knew too well that we would soon share the same loss yet experience the grief differently. I also knew that I had an important upcoming meeting at 3:30pm. And I knew I was in more

The Four intersections of Leadership & Grief

We feel that the world has changed, and we are right. It has. So, in our covid19 land, there has been a palpable sense of loss. Loss of actual lives, in a very literal sense. But also, loss of normalcy... read more

Facing the Grief Gathering in Our Hearts by Elizabeth Lesser

It’s been a snowy winter so far where I live in New York’s Hudson Valley. There is something about snow, especially right now—during Covid times and after the political tumult of the past months—that feels purifying and calming. Snow is nature’s way of slowing and quieting things down... read more

Leadership & Grief Virtual Workshop

Interested in applying leadership and grief techniques at your organization? Check out our leading through grief workshop.