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Building a Leadership Development Culture with Optify

This article introduces a four-part series on how to design and direct scaled coaching programs to transform leaders and deliver impact to your organization... open series

Leadership & Grief with Kris Carpenter

One of our founding partners, Kris Carpenter, is an expert in grief training and combines her knowledge with her passion for leadership development. Take a deep dive into her experience and research with leadership and series

Leadership is a Thing with Pam Krulitz

Dive into the 5 themes of leadership with our founding partner, Pam Krulitz, and her article series, Leadership is a series

Meetings Matter. Make Them Better.

Meetings should be engaging, focused, and efficient. Talented leaders run them with clarity and purpose. Given the time lawyers spend in meetings, leading them skillfully should be a professional requirement... read more

Reflecting on the Days Between the Years

I recently learned from a German friend that in her native country, the time between Christmas and January 6 is called the days “between the years” or Zwischen den Jahren... read more

Tap your Creative Resilience to Lead in Uncertainty

“When we flex the muscle of creativity, particularly under duress, we develop the resilience necessary to lead both ourselves and others, even in uncertain times.”... read more

From Burnout to Vitality: It’s More than Just Work-Life Balance

Burnout is more than just physical exhaustion. As defined by the World Health Organization, burnout is a syndrome characterized by three elements: 1) feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, 2) increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and 3) reduced professional more

Superhuman Resources: Making the transition to strategic HR

Over the last 20 years, human resources has made an incredible shift from “process police” to a cadre of strategically-minded individuals who spearhead organizational change and development. And with the life-and-business-altering changes of the last year, HR professionals have finally earned themselves a seat at the table, but that’s not always more

Your Checklist for Strategic Alignment in Your Coaching Business

Growing a coaching business comes with excitement, new opportunities, and a whole lot of work, trust me, we know. We did it too. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself doing more program management and less of what you love – more

A New Era of Leading in Hybrid Work

With all the excitement around lifted state and federal restrictions and readily available vaccines, organizations are eager to get their employees back to the office. Their enthusiasm, however, has been met with anxiety about what returning to work means for the flexible schedules and work-life balance that people grew accustomed to over the last 16 months. The response? Hybrid work. more

Getting Started in Coaching, 2021 Style

These days, it takes sheer audacity to start up or grow a coaching business. But it takes more than moxie to succeed. Business and leadership coaching is a $15.2 billion industry with over 500,000 certified coaches competing to launch themselves and their business ahead of the more

Navigating the Learning Life Cycle

As we experience new things, we naturally internalize change. From the outside looking in, we see people begin to adjust their actions to better reflect the desired outcomes. But when we reflect on our own experiences, we understand that there is more than just a change in more

Coaching: The Key to Making Leadership Development Stick

Whether it be logging on to LinkedIn Learning, building classroom-style leadership development programs, or relying on internal mentor relationships, organizations across the globe are trying to find the best way to help their mid-level more

4 Essential Habits of Transformational Leaders

Close your eyes. Think about the best leader you’ve ever had or read about. Take a minute to consider what made that leader so great..…read more

Lessons to a First-time Leader, from a First-time Leader

There was a sense of excitement (or maybe it was anxiety, I’m not sure) that I felt when my director called me into his office on the day of my promotion.…read more

The 6 S's of Agile Organizations

If you’ve been reading any business blogs or just scrolling through LinkedIn, you’re sure to have come across the term agile. “The future is Agile…” the articles declare. “Agile teams are the key to success…read more

COVID-19 & The Psychological Contract

When COVID-19 hit, some leaders felt they needed to put up a good front to reassure their teams and boost morale.  In an effort to maintain a positive environment, they withheld information and bent the more

How to Win When You're Losing

One of the most important things a leader can do for their team is build a positive and rewarding environment for their work. Reaching goals consistently as a team goes a long way toward building team confidence and esprit de corps, but it's not as straightforward as it sounds... read more

The Missing Piece

My director of sales approached me one day after I had finished writing my weekly report. His questions were centered around performance. “Why do you think the other teams are more successful in hitting their numbers?... read more

Whose Job is it Anyways?

“What’s the culture like here?" If you look up “best questions to ask during an interview” on Google, you’ll most-likely run into a question like the one above. And lucky for the candidate, the responses are usually the same... read more

Looking Upstream with Sharon Podobnik Peterson

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Millennials - Getting Your House in Order with Optify & Weeve

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#CoachSpotlight Daphne Jefferson

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TechTalk - HR Executive Magazine

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Optify's Coaching Management System is Reviewed by the Technology Review Council

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Coach your Leaders to Drive Organizational Success 2020

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The Business Case for Coaching Leaders at the Middle of the Organization

For decades, organizations have invested in executive coaches for their most senior leaders to build capacity and deliver strategic leadership from the top down. Executives consider these engagements vital to their growth and often credit their coaches with helping them to discover new ways of seeing, being, and approaching their business...

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