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Made by Coaches

We’ve been in the coaching business for a long time. We’re passionate about what we do, because we believe that great leaders, paired with great coaching, and great tools, can change the working world.

Our Values

  • Meaningful Purpose

    We believe Optify has a purpose greater than any of its members, and rely on that purpose to guide our decision making.

  • Caring Community

    We care for those in our extended community by encouraging their growth and accepting their uniqueness.

  • Courageous Commitment

    We act with courage, challenging ourselves to stretch our thinking and action outside of our comfort zone.

  • Mindful Practice

    We are committed to our own development as leaders of Optify irrespective of position.

  • Intentional Transparency

    We foster a culture of openness and sharing of ideas, information, and practices.

Our Team

The Optify team is on a mission to make coaching a force to develop the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of work, organizations and the world. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we are legally founded to serve that purpose while also being for-profit. Our purpose guides and inspires us every day. We have adopted Holacracy as our organizational operating system, providing a platform for our own organizational and personal evolution.

We brought together our decades of experience in leadership coaching, technology, business growth, organizational development and operations to create and lead Optify.

Lisa Banks, Optify Team Member

Lisa Banks

Pam Krulitz, Optify Founding Member

Pam Krulitz

Founding Member
Kris Carpenter, Optify Team Member

Kris Carpenter