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Your checklist for strategic alignment in your coaching business

Growing a coaching business comes with excitement, new opportunities, and a whole lot of work, trust me, we know. We did it too. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself doing more program management and less of what you love – coaching.

One of the main reasons program management might be monopolizing your time is because of a lack of alignment between coaches, clients, processes, and resources. Simply put, everyone is confused and coaching becomes mysterious. This makes goals, progress, and impact wander into the unknown. And when misalignment happens, productivity falls, frustration rises, and all forward progress is stalled. Which leaves you spending your time putting out fires instead of coaching.

Realigning your coaches, clients, processes, and resources requires everyone to come together and recenter themselves towards the strategic direction and desired results. If you’re trying to grow and scale your coaching business without compromising quality results, consider a centralized place for your clients, coaches, and administrators to align. 


Here’s a checklist for your next coaching platform if alignment is on your mind:


Customizable coaching programs that can be viewed by coaches, clients, and administrators


Full transparency of scheduled and completed meeting progress to make sure no client gets left behind


Access to meetings, goals, assignments, and engagement history for both coaches and clients


A clear communication or messaging system for clients to be able to get real-time questions answered by their coaches


A standardized intake questionnaire so coaches can really know who they’re coaching and what their clients need


Personalized resources that are easy to share with coaches and clients to keep your program materials on track


A goal-setting platform that coaches and clients can use to stay aligned with the overall strategic initiatives


Confidential coach/client portals to keep the engagement integrity while still giving administrators the access they need to track logistics


The right platform can align your coaching team, your clients, and your administrators and bring the biggest impact to coach more leaders to success. 

Focus on doing more of what you love and let your platform handle the rest.


Learn how Optify can bring strategic alignment to your coaching business today.


Optify’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders by providing one-on-one coaching to people broadly across organizations. Created by coaches who spent over a decade coaching top leaders, Optify’s platform now brings the lessons of what it takes to lead and learn to the rest of the organization.

We offer an innovative online coaching platform that provides a clear, goal-oriented process, reinforced by a robust library of micro-learning content. Each client experiences the power of learning and succeeding in partnership with a seasoned coach on a schedule that works for them.

Our coaches help clients develop the awareness, insights, and skills to meet their business demands today and set them up for success throughout their careers. Clients learn to take command of their role, collaborate with others, and execute effectively, unleashing their potential and enabling them to thrive.

Optify operates as a For Purpose Enterprise.