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Coaching: The Key to Making Leadership Development Stick

Whether it be logging on to LinkedIn Learning, building classroom-style leadership development programs, or relying on internal mentor relationships, organizations across the globe are trying to find the best way to help their mid-level leaders adapt to the new and ever-changing work environment. However, what they’re discovering is that only 10% of the classroom style and cohort learning they’re investing in actually has a long-term impact on their leaders’ development*. But why?

Simply put, because every leader is different. They have their own needs, problems, and development opportunities, and there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all leadership development content. When it comes to developing the core competencies of leadership, implementing personalized coaching gives mid-level leaders the ability to thrive in their roles and better serve their teams and the organization.

In comparison to classroom-style learning, personalized coaching has a greater impact on a leader’s growth for 3 key reasons:

 1. Context is key
Since coaching is one-on-one, it allows coaches to work with leaders on a more personal level and dive deeper into the specific situations that they’re working through. They get to focus their development around their personal context rather than working broadly through topics or situations that might not be relevant.

 2. Practice makes perfect
Coaches and leaders come up with action items between their engagements to put what they’re learning into practice and reflect on the outcomes. Leaders can actively experiment with their teams and figure out what works best for their leadership style.

 3. Mindset comes first
Coaching is centered around reflection, mindset shifts, and emotional domains that influence behavior. Leaders learn why they do things and how their mindsets, choices, and habits affect the people around them, leading to more long-term behavioral changes.

Great leadership coaching used to be only available to the highest-level or highest-potential leaders. With technology, however, it has become accessible for the entire organization. Up-level your leadership development programs with scalable coaching and your organization can create leaders in every seat.

*Reference Lombardo and Eichinger’s 70/20/10 model



Optify’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders by providing one-on-one coaching to people broadly across organizations. Created by coaches who spent over a decade coaching top leaders, Optify’s platform now brings the lessons of what it takes to lead and learn to the rest of the organization.

We offer an innovative online coaching platform that provides a clear, goal-oriented process, reinforced by a robust library of micro-learning content. Each client experiences the power of learning and succeeding in partnership with a seasoned coach on a schedule that works for them.

Our coaches help clients develop the awareness, insights, and skills to meet their business demands today and set them up for success throughout their careers. Clients learn to take command of their role, collaborate with others, and execute effectively, unleashing their potential and enabling them to thrive.

Optify operates as a For Purpose Enterprise.