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Let's talk about your company's future.

What does your company want to achieve? At Optify, we’re clearing the path towards growth, with coaching programs tailored to help you meet your goals.

At Optify, we believe that progress as an organization starts with people. Your rising leaders are the future of your company. Their growth becomes your growth — their success, your success. That’s why we’ve made leadership coaching accessible to every type of organization and team.

We believe leadership development should be accessible to individuals across an organization, that the process should be clear and efficient, and that the impact should be unmistakable.

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How it Works

Optify provides one-on-one coaching through a transparent, results-oriented process, supported by resources tailored to meet the needs of participants and organizations.

Our online platform makes remote collaboration simple, and can support dozens or hundreds of managers, enabling organizational alignment and impact.


Clients select their coach at the beginning of an engagement
Optify | Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Clients work with coaches to determine impactful goals
Optify | Resource Library

Resource Library

1:1 coaching is supported by a resource library curated from leading sources
Optify | Communication


Clients can message coaches to request meetings, ask questions, and stay on track
Optify | Scheduling


Our simple scheduling process enables coaches and clients to stay organized
Optify | Measurement


Growth can be measured through assessments and progress toward goals
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Our Coaches

Our coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all share a few, core traits. Each is a seasoned professional, with expertise not just in coaching and training, but in business as well. And each is passionate about helping clients unlock their potential, and create a lasting impact within their organization. Check out a few of them here.

Jennifer Hart

Optify Coach
Jennifer works with clients on self-initiated strategies to “survive” and breakthroughs to “thrive” at their own pace. She is passionate about working with expert practitioners and rising leaders – many of whom have been thrust into new roles with neither preparation nor guidance – supporting them to increase their personal effectiveness and achieve greater balance. Jennifer received coach training through American University’s Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program and holds the International Coach Federation advanced credential of Associate Certified Coach.
"Optify’s genius lies in how it leverages technology as a tool for making high- quality coaching accessible to a wider range of rising leaders without being tech-dependent or losing sight of the essential human connection that underpins all successful coaching relationships."

Jean Gasen, MA, PhD, PCC

Optify Coach
Jean partners with individuals who aspire to become better leaders and better human beings. With more than 30 years experience as an academic and senior leader in industry, along with more than 13 years experience as a seasoned leadership coach, Jean loves working with leaders who want to take themselves to the next level with courage, determination, vulnerability and a little bit of humor. If you fit that bill, then Jean wants to work with you!

Christina Swartz

Optify Coach
Christina has dedicated her career to supporting the growth and development of organizational leaders and other professional staff. She supports her clients to advance their careers by moving more quickly up the learning curve. As a former leader and business owner herself, she has lived the leadership life and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that people who lead organizations face. Representative topics of her client work include personal branding, executive presence, setting boundaries, dealing with overwhelm and managing time and priorities. Christina received her coach training through Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program and is an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation.
"With Optify, organizations are able to offer one-on-one coaching to many employees in an easy and effective way. As an Optify coach, I custom-tailor my coaching to the needs of each client for maximum results."

Jay Howard, PhD, PCC

Optify Coach
Jay skillfully facilitates the success of others. With a Ph.D. in education and experience coaching in the pharmaceutical, financial services, retail and consulting industries, Jay brings his training and coaching expertise to Optify’s leadership development approach. Additionally, his M.S. in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania gives him a unique perspective on how organizations grow, develop and succeed. Jay also attended West Point, and has served on active duty and in the federal government.
"Optify stands out because we focus on developing leaders and advancing the mission of our clients."

Heidi Junk

Optify Coach
Build your skills. Increase your confidence. Have more impact. Heidi Junk is passionate about working with emerging leaders to elevate their professional performance and increase their personal satisfaction. Heidi will work with you to outline development priorities, identify and remove roadblocks, and accelerate change and growth. As the former head of a Washington news bureau, Heidi brings hands-on leadership experience and coaching expertise to Optify’s leadership development platform.
"Optify's approach is efficient and effective -- exactly what today's busy leaders need."

Deepti Gudipati

Optify Coach
Deepti Gudipati strives to empower clients with the skills and tools they need to own the change process and see tangible results quickly. Her approach is highly collaborative and her work is grounded in experiential learning and inclusive design. She loves helping clients find ways to work better, together.

Carole Stizza

Optify Coach
As an ICF coach and former senior HR professional, Carole helps individuals and companies optimize feedback, lead with strengths, and engage compassionate curiosity to excel in teamwork. Carole holds degrees in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and is a contributing author in the HR Anthology: Compassion@Work (2017) and Coaching Wisdom Vol.1 (Dec 2018). She has also proudly supported a military family across the US for 26 years.
"I'm thrilled to be a part of Optify's innovative approach to organizational success. Rarely do internal high potentials receive an external perspective that elevates their performance unless they seek it out themselves. Optify Coaching brings leadership development right to them."

Bikki Randhawa, MBA

Optify Coach
Bikki partners with rising leaders to support and unlock their leadership potential. Her passion for leadership coaching emerged from experiencing first-hand as a leader the immense impact that coaching can have on job effectiveness and personal growth. She appreciates the nuances of working in multicultural teams having lived and worked in various countries. She received her leadership coach training from Georgetown University and MBA from George Washington University.

Jen Liner

Optify Coach
Jen Liner helps rising leaders learn, grow and become more confident and impactful. Throughout her 25-year corporate career leading various teams in rapidly changing environments, Jen was drawn to coach many managers and directors to build their leadership skills. Supplementing her deep on-the-job experience, Jen earned a Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University. Jen is known for actively listening and helping her clients reframe their challenges in ways that create new solutions and build new leadership skills.

Jyl Camhi

Optify Coach
Jyl combines decades of hands on experience as both a corporate leader and entrepreneur with extensive training in leadership development theory to help each client develop into the person and professional they wish to be—improving their results, expanding their impact, and increasing their joy. Jyl is known for her ability to coach with both compassion and candor to help clients reframe their perspective and reveal new options as they pursue their next steps.

Daphne Y. Jefferson

Optify Coach
Daphne is an executive coach, speaker and consultant committed to helping leaders gracefully navigate the challenges of transitions. She has coached leaders at every level of government, the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and academia. With over 20 years of experience leading organizations at the highest levels of the federal government, Daphne helps senior leaders, emerging leaders and high potentials thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. She is a noted keynote speaker on the subjects of leadership, transportation and technology, has appeared on CBS This Morning, and has testified in the United States House of Representatives. Daphne holds a Master’s in Public Administration from American University, served as a Brookings Institution Legislative Fellow in the U.S. House of Representatives, and is an ICF trained coach, with an ACC credential.

Hanh Michael, MA, ACC

Optify Coach
Hanh Michael is a coach and consultant with 20 years of rich practical experience in helping people and teams excel. She very much enjoys hearing what clients have to say and helping them find strategic yet pragmatic ways to address their needs in an authentic manner. A former HR Business Partner in an international organization, Hanh knows how to help leaders and staff succeed in their particular organizational context. Leveraging her training and experience in organizational and human resources development, conflict management, and coaching methodology, she helps clients overcome issues that are holding them back and improve the chance of reaching their desired future.
"I love coaching. Coaching calls me to use my resourceful and creative nature to help others unlock hidden issues and interests, discover new insights, and explore new options--all in service of finding and being our best."

Dhru Beeharilal, JD, PCC

Optify Coach
Dhru draws on his diverse background as an author, attorney, IT consultant, and Agile practitioner to help clients write their own stories of leadership and success. His entrepreneurial spirit encourages clients to consider a wider range of possibilities and to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. A careful listener, Dhru helps clients identify blind spots and develop awareness, so they can effect change where they couldn't before.
"Helping leaders write their next story."

Jessika Wellisch, ACC

Optify Coach
Jessika Wellisch is an enterprising professional coach, a dynamic facilitator, and a playful educator. Enthusiastic about human potential, Jessika empowers emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to embody their values and aspirations, perform at their best and evolve, both professionally and personally. Jessika is deeply grounded in the learning process and fascinated by the power of big dreams and ideas. She helps clients outline developmental goals, investigate and eliminate obstacles, and set a solid path towards growth, transformation, and magic.

Alan Heymann, JD, ACC

Optify Coach
Alan Heymann creates space for clients to unpack leadership challenges or work through what's top of mind. He specializes in leaders who are on the cusp of big changes. Clients look to him for support in managing up, delegating and building their authentic leadership presence. An expert communicator and engaging speaker, Alan spent more than two decades in public, government and nonprofit communications. He holds degrees in journalism and law, and certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University.
"Optify has brought together coaches from all over the world, with an amazing collection of backgrounds and styles. Every client is different, and the Optify team makes it possible for everyone to find a coach who fits them best."

Colin McLetchie, PCC, BCPP

Optify Coach
Colin believes in lives worth living, leaders worth following, and organizations worth being a part of, all of which hopefully create communities and a world worth living in. Recognizing that leadership is an internal journey externally manifested, he brings his unique blend of compassionate challenge to his clients, helping them identify what success looks like and then helping them move forward toward that success – at work and in life. With 25 years of HR and organizational experience, he brings a wealth of wisdom, and frameworks that help managers and leaders bring more to their teams, their organizations, and themselves.
“Optify’s approach and platform give clients the space and support they need to be their best selves.”

Sharon Podobnik Peterson

Optify Coach
Overcome imposter syndrome. Embody your whole, complicated, audacious, imperfect self. Play bigger than you ever thought possible. Sharon Podobnik Peterson supports exceptional leaders who are committed to doing good and doing well by bridging courageous action with radical self-compassion, all rooted in the belief that you already have everything you need within you to be the leader you were meant to be. Sharon brings her experience as a multipassionate serial entrepreneur, career educator, and transformational leadership coach. You bring your hopes, fears, and perfectly imperfect self. Together, we'll create the change you wish to see in your world.

Joe Wehri

Optify Coach
Are you a new leader with a poor performer on your team or are you struggling to motivate and develop people of another generation? Maybe you're looking to build up your confidence, extend your leadership presence, and accelerate your career...? Joe has been working in Corporate America for nearly 15 years and clients who work with him often comment on his thoughtful, bold, and authentic style. Coaching sessions won't just be meaningful and worth your time, but surprisingly fun! Outside of Optify, Joe works full time at Target Corporation HQ in Minneapolis, MN where he specializes in coaching and facilitating leader development programs across the enterprise.

Floyd Carlson, ORSCC, PCC

Optify Coach
Floyd uses his 30 years of business and leadership experience, growth mindset and multiple coaching methodologies to champion and support his clients being their best selves. He has a wealth of knowledge coaching, building effective teams, improving relationships and leadership development he brings to working with his clients. Floyd has worked globally and in a variety of job positions, functional areas and industries. Using brain based coaching techniques he helps his clients set motivating goals, strategies and actions to ensure they put their new insights, habits and skills into practice to achieve the life they want to live.
“You and your success are my number one focus!”